Dbait is a Hip-Hop recording artist and producer from Phoenix, Arizona.  

 (It's pronounced "Debate" not "Dee-Bait" Dumbass...)

He was born in San Diego County and spent his early years in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. Shortly after, his family settled in Arizona and he would toggle between the different environments and cultures he grew from. Since his childhood, Dbait displayed a natural inclination toward music by growing a liking to playing drums, piano, and rapping at the age of 8. His interest in music was mostly influenced by his parents, who met each other at a music rehearsal in Mexico. Growing up with a jazz pianist for a father, a singer for a mother, and a mariachi for a grandfather, it is only natural that he would follow tradition.  


In an attempt to showcase his musical abilities, Dbait entered the Guitar Center Drum Off at the age of 12. One of the judges at this event was Brett Frederickson, Megadeth’s first drummer, who was impressed by young Dbait’s skill level. Brett would later become his drum instructor. Shortly after, Dbait ventured into the art of beatmaking, a form of music production focused on the creation of Hip-Hop Instrumentals. Throughout the years Dbait continued to hone his craft in music by joining drumline, Jazz band and rapping at High School and College events while staying involved in his church music group. Shortly after, he would release his first independent album which was written, produced and mixed by him. Shortly after his first independent release, he traveled around a bit opening up for established artists such as Flame, Wax and Jarren Benton. 


At age 19, Dbait entered a series of competitions known as “Beat Battles” where he would showcase his music production for a panel of famous judges in hopes to make connections in the music industry. It was at these battles where he met and exchanged contact info with more of his idols including Willy Northpole, Needlz and Boi-1da.  


That summer, Dbait met The Rep (a well known Phoenix rapper who toured with P.O.D. and Guitarist Brian “Head” Welch from Korn), on a flight from Phoenix to New York. Dbait was headed to a Beat Battle in New York City and The Rep was flying to New York as part of his tour. After sharing a seat on the plane, Dbait exchanged contact info with The Rep. The pair would reconnect 2 years after that encounter, when The Rep appointed Dbait as one of the producers for his highly anticipated album 13th Floor.  Dbait produced the tracks "Down to Sleep" and "What If" featuring Eshon Burgundy. Dbait also coproduced the track "Picture On The Wall" and made some additional hard hitting tracks that never made it on the album. The Rep had previously been slotted to be on Proof's record label before we all tragically lost him.


After wrapping up production for 13th Floor, Dbait finished working on a solo project called Writer’s Block Mixtape. He spent the rest of that year obsessively writing and recording new songs which would later become part of his album titled Hypergraphia.  Shortly after, he released N2O Mixtape and in February 2020, after a brief hiatus from recording, Dbait compiled some of those songs from his previous mixtapes and albums and placed them on a new album titled "The Phantom". He also wrote 28 entirely new songs for this project.